The Association was formed in 1990 with the purpose of keeping service and civilian personnel, who served at RAF Lichfield,  in touch with each other and for the Association to contact relatives of those who lost their lives whilst serving here.

During the year we send out 4 Newsletters and on the first weekend in September we have a Reunion at Lichfield over a period of 2 days.

We have a small group of people who play an active part in running the Association under the leadership of Derek and Angela Smith who live in Lichfield.

In 1999 we obtained our own badge, which incorporates the Royal Crown. We are only the second ex Service Association to be granted this honour. An original design was submitted, based on an idea by one of our members, to the College of Arms in London. The College's official artist then produced a painting of the badge, which was sanctioned by Garter King of Arms and approved by the Queen. Following this, the Association now has a blazer and lapel badge.

The RAF Lichfield Memorial was opened in June 2001 near to Fradley Church, with the purpose of remembering service and civilian men and women who came from many parts of the world and served at RAF Lichfield. This includes all three airfields which formed RAF Lichfield; Fradley, Church Broughton and Tatenhill.

Our membership is 5.00 per year starting from January 1st each year, those who join now do not pay until then. In the first instance you should E-Mail (replace AT with @ ) for a Membership Form giving your home address.

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