On the 5th August 1941 Wellington W5593 of 305 Sqdn took off from Lindholme for an Ops Mission to Frankfurt and was shot down near Charleroi.

S/L S. Scibor POW

Sgt M. Kowalski  Evaded

Sgt W. Ryback  Killed

F/O M.J Saferna  Killed

F/O J.J.S Sukiennik Killed

Sgt S. Tomicki  Evaded

On the 27th April 1942 Wellington Z1088 of 304 Sqdn took off  from Lindholme for an Ops Mission to Cologne and was shot down at Villiers-la-Ville 14 km ESE of Nivelles.

F/O P.Z. Szczurowski  Killed

F/O E. Kowalski  Killed

Sgt Z. Pieczynski  Killed

Sgt S. Ferenc  Killed

Sgt W. Garbacz  Killed

In May 42 304 Sqdn came under the control of Coastal Command as a Reconnaissance Sqdn.

A total of 1,234 Polish Air Force aircrew were killed on operations and a further 589 killed whilst training. 278 became POW's, 93 evaded capture and rejoined their Units, 21 force landed or bailed out over neutral territory, and 108 were saved by air-sea rescue services.

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