RAF Lichfield known locally as Fradley was constructed in 1939 and early 1940. The first residents were 51 M.U. on 1st August 1940 whose role was to receive aircraft from the manufacturers and carry out any modifications before delivery to Squadrons. When hostilities ceased large numbers of aircraft were broken up and the Unit remained active until the closure of the airfield. 

On the 23rd April 1941 27 O.T.U. was formed and this became the largest unit on the airfield, its role was to train  Aircrew on Wellingtons and here the crews mainly from the Commonwealth Countries were formed  before going on to their Squadrons. Operational Bombing Missions were flown in 1942-43  and a considerable number of 'Nickel' sorties were flown. The Unit was disbanded in June 1945.

Other Units during the War and Post War period are detailed elsewhere and the airfield closed in April 1958. Since that time a few civilian light aircraft have used the airfield but no flying takes place now. The complete site was disposed of  by the Air Ministry on 1st May 1962 for 240,000. The Lucas Company currently use the hangars for the storage and packing of car parts and although a few small buildings have been demolished the site has been left as originally built. The airfield is now a barren wasteland and within a few years is likely to be completely covered with housing and industrial units.

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Airfield Plan 1945

Airfield Buildings1982

The Airfield Buildings  in 1999 and looking N to Fradley and threshold R/W 26 

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