Lichfield City Council All information about the City of Lichfield. Visitors can find details of  how to get there and Tourist accommodation. The City is of great historical interest and besides the magnificent Cathedral there is the birthplace and house of  Samuel Johnson and the Heritage Centre where hopefully in the Millennium the Association will have an RAF Lichfield display.

John Behague John arrived at RAF Lichfield in early 1942 as a W.Op DF (Direction Finder) and was sent to one of the satellite airfields at Tatenhill. You can read of his experiences in the 27 OTU section but do not forget to read  'Y' and  99 Sqdn in India followed by the Cocos Islands. A most interesting account of his life in the RAF and we must be grateful to him for setting up a Web Site.

460 (RAAF) Sqdn This Web Site of Gordon Stooke's and in particular 'The Lists of Aircrews' will play an important role as the 27 O.T.U.  pages develop because the majority of Aircrew who went to this Squadron passed through Lichfield. This is where the crews were formed before going to the Operational Bases of  Breighton from Jan 42-May 43 and then Binbrook.

150 Sqdn  The Wellington proved itself a great bomber with this Squadron operating in the most hostile of environments in North Africa and the Air and Ground Crews living a basic existence.

  RAF Forres was a satellite of RAF Kinloss near Inverness. From early in 1940 until 1945 the Unit operated the twin engined Whitley,  mainly training crews for Squadrons of No 4 Grp.

Czechoslovak Airmen in the RAF 1940-45  Paul Vancata is a student and knows everything about the Czechs who served with the RAF.

The Polish Air Force A site by Mike Ingham which tells the story of  what role the Poles played in WW11 both in Fighter and Bomber Command. Interesting pages on War Memorials. 

Disused WW11 airfields in NE Scotland A little gem of a site by Alan Stewart dealing with a little known area of the UK and its activities during the War.

Rob Davis Bomber Command Research The database deals only with Bomber Command and UK Operations. Please give as much information as possible keeping it brief and to the point. Rob tries very hard to help everyone but E-mails wanting info on my Uncle Fred Smith who was in the RAF cannot be handled.

The Victoria Cross A great site by Mike Chapman covering in detail every VC awarded and those medals still in private hands and on public display.

Luftwaffe Michael Holm covers all aspects of the Luftwaffe in detail, of particular interest is the Command Structure of their Squadrons and the bases from which they flew. 

Wellington Aviation Museum Owned and managed by Gerry Tyack this Museum and Art gallery is in Moreton-in-Marsh Gloucestershire. A visit here by Wellington enthusiasts is rewarded by some carefullly chosen exhibits and aviation prints by leading artists. A centre of pilgrimage to all those who were at 21 O.T.U Moreton and its Wellingtons, the old airfield nearby has a Memorial at its entrance to what is now a Fire Training College. 

Commonwealth Air Training Plan in Canada  The Web Site has been updated and has a virtual tour around the Museum at Brandon in Manitoba  where Aircrew training was carried out. 

RAF Commands A very comprehensive listing of Fighter/Bomber/Coastal Command Squadrons  from 1939-1945. The Message Board is extremely useful with some interesting questions and good answers from researchers in their own field. 

Israeli Air Force Mosquitos  From this page enter 'Mosquito' in the SITE SEARCH for 103,109,110 & 115 I.A.F. Sqdn details. The Official Files of  51 M.U. Lichfield do not reveal very much about these aircraft from 1948 to 1956. Many certainly passed through this Unit as did those sold to France and resold to Israel in 1951.  plus Additional Site 

The Beaufighter During WW11 many of these aircraft passed through 51 M.U. Lichfield to be made 'combat ready' before going on to Squadrons. (See Squadrons -Air Transport Auxillary 51 M.U.)  

Curborough Sprint Course. Car speed racing is carried out on what were taxiways and dispersals to west side of  Fradley airfield. Go to Curborough and aerial photos and also refer to Map of 1945 on History of RAF Lichfield Page - SW of hangars marked L. 

221 Sqdn Coastal Command Wellingtons mainly based in Middle East. On Links page read Bill Smith's account of his Groundcrew experiences.

W/O Bertram Pinner D.F.M. RAFVR Navigator. Written by Bill Churchley in tribute to his Uncle covering his life with the RAF. All flights are listed at O.T.U and 101 Sqdn Ludford Magna Dec 43 to June 44. Good photos. 

218 (Gold Coast) Sqdn. One of our great RAF Squadrons formed in 1918 and entered WW11 with being sent to France in their Battles as part of the AASF. Flew Wellingtons until 1942 followed by the Short Stirling to 1944 then converting to the Lancaster.

Larry's Bomber Command. A wonderful piece of work dealing with all aspects of Bomber Command.

142 Sqdn. RAF  Grimsby (Waltham). A Site devoted to the life of Sgt Percy Milnes W.Op/AG and his Crew who were all killed in July 1942. Some Crews from 27 O.T.U. Lichfield were posted here to fly the Wellington and went with the Sqdn to North Africa in the December. Note that the 'Waltham Museum to Rural Life' has a section devoted to 142 and 100 Sqdn's. 

RAF Fairlop Fighter Command Airfield near London. A real treasure of a Site.

Closed UK Airfields since 1950 No explanation is needed here.

RAF Little Rissington Gloucestershire The story of this famous airfield is told in great detail with all WW11 accidents of  6 F.T.S. and No 6 (P) AFU listed including aircraft type and aircrew names.

Cold War and WW11 History in Britain. by David Farrant ARG member. Very good photos of  the WW11 airfields of RAF Wyton and RAF Alconbury plus some interesting articles on pillboxes, the disaster at 21 M.U. Fauld, Orfordness, and early nuclear storage sites.

RAF Upwood. A large number of  Squadrons and Units passed through here.

The Buckden Pike Memorial Cross On January 30th 1942 a Wellington of 18 O.T.U. with 6 Polish Aircrew crashed in Yorkshire with only one survivor Joseph Fusniak the Rear Gunner. As if that was not enough he became a POW at Stalag V111B Lamsdorf  in July 1942 and a discussion Group Site has been set up on with some rare photos of the camp. 

103 and 576 Sqdn Aircrew went to these Squadrons from Lichfield including Don Charlwood who has written several excellent books on his life with RAF Bomber Command. 

RAFA  Royal Air Force Association 

The Royal Air Force Heraldry Trust The RAF Heraldry Trust was established 3 years ago primarily to raise awareness and funding by public sponsorship for the compilation of the definitive record of RAF Heraldry.

The Halifax A wonderful Site devoted to the Halifax Bomber and for those of us who try and design Web Sites much can be learned from looking at these pages. Exceptional.  

Airfield Construction Branch The Airfield Construction Branch was based at Lichfield from 1953 to 1956



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