During WW11 140,000 aircrew were trained under the The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (see Links) in Australia, New Zealand, Rhodesia, South Africa, Canada and America. About half that number were trained in England.  Most training took place in Canada and the journey to England was not without its hazards of U-Boat attacks and from there Fighter pilots went to Advanced Flying Units and Bomber Crews to Operational Training Units such as Lichfield.  



Tiger Moth

At 27 O.T.U. Lichfield many of the Instructors had completed a tour and some became commissioned whilst here, but it did nothing to alleviate their boredom of flying up and down the Irish Sea. However training crews was not without its risks and some did not survive this 'rest' period, a few Operational Missions were flown in 1942/43 but most Instructors eagerly awaited a return to a Squadron.

Sgt Gordon Stooke Pilot RAAF (see Links) arrived at Lichfield in January 43. He and his crew  had three months of concentrated aerial warfare in the Wellington and then went to 1662 H.C.U at Blyton for conversion to the Lancaster, finally being posted to 460 Sqdn..   

Some W.Op/Air Gunners had continued to train in England and on the next page is the story of  Flt/Sgt Robert Rogers.

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